Economic Impact

Economic Impact Report 2017 – Applied Analysis

Our goal and purpose is to help make downtown Las Vegas a place of Inspiration, Entrepreneurial Energy, Creativity, Innovation, Upward Mobility, and Discovery, through the 3 C’s of Collisions, Co-learning, and Connectedness in a long-term, sustainable way.


We’ve allocated $350 million to aid in the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas. We’re investing $200 million in real estate, $50 million in small businesses, $50 million in education, and $50 million in tech startups through VTF Capital.


Investments in the community have generated 328 jobs within small businesses, 51 jobs in technology startups, 38 jobs in managing DTP enterprises, and 571 jobs as a result of the visitors bought annually by the DTP.


In total, 1,571 permanent jobs have been created or supported as a result of the DTP.


DTP’s Impacts Include:

  • 407 ongoing or completed construction projects
  • 61 small business investments in Las Vegas
  • An estimated 130,000 annual visitors from the Life is Beautiful Festival and visitors to DTP/DTP-related entities


Total One-Time Construction Impacts

  • 1,743 person-years¹ of employment
  • $91.9 million in salaries
  • $272. million in economic output


Total Recurring Impacts (Annually)

  • 1,571 jobs
  • $70.0 million in salaries
  • $209.2 million in economic output


¹A person-year of employment is one person employed full time for one year

*Information above courtesy of Applied Analysis