DTP Companies, formerly Downtown Project, was founded by Tony Hsieh in January 2012 with an initial $350 million investment aimed at accelerating the revitalization of the Fremont East Entertainment District and its surrounding area in Downtown Las Vegas; through investments in Real Estate, Small Businesses, Tech, and Education, Arts, and Culture.


Our culture and our values remain embedded in all that we do.  It is our goal that every project incorporates an element of First, Unique, or Best.  These unique, ever-changing experiences that layer on different elements of surprise creates a sense of discovery leading to return visitation.


Helping create a more vibrant and walkable city


Live and work in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas


We’ve got great residential options right in the heart of the city. Live Downtown – the most fun and exciting part of the Las Vegas Valley.


Whether you’re looking to crank out some work in a comfortable spot with lightening-fast wi-fi, have an impromptu meeting or team gathering, or just want to get out of the office for a working lunch or happy hour, we’ve got you covered.


Get rewarded and earn points when you visit Downtown Las Vegas restaurants and bars. Learn about the Explore DTLV Rewards program


+ Jobs Generated


Million Economic Output






  • It’s National Ice Cream Month and really, who are we to deny a holiday? Especially in a city like Las Vegas, where foodie influencers flock to film all the latest over-the-top TikTok-able desserts and where triple-digit heat is the norm for four solid months. We love our ice cream here! Just about every resort has its own frozen dessert shop, and there are plenty of excellent national chains with Vegas locations (The Paleta Bar, SomiSomi, Afters Ice Cream, Lappert’s, and Handel’s are among our favorite imports from other states). But here we’re giving love to the locals: these are the best local scoop shops,......

  • The very first motel opened in 1925 in San Luis Obispo, California and a post-war automobile boom in the 1950s meant that these down-to-earth establishments surged in popularity. By the mid-century, mom-and-pop motor lodges could be found up and down America’s highways. And now, they’re having a moment again, with decades-old motels being spruced up for modern travelers, while retaining fun retro touches. Here are 30 of our favorites you can stay in right now. Read the article...

  • When planning to visit Las Vegas, many tourists want to go all out and soak up as much luxury as possible. Vegas has plenty to offer and it really has it over New York City when it comes to being ‘the city that never sleeps.’ Travelers can find much more to do here than sit at the gambling tables. There is The Strip, which is a tourist attraction on its own, and the fabulous Fremont Street Experience that takes place every night and is free. There are museums of all kinds, such as the Mobster Museum and the Neon Museum, and......

  • What happens in Vegas might well stay in Vegas, but you don’t want that to include more of your money than necessary. Although you’ll have to set your own budget for gambling, there are things you can do to keep more money in your pocket when you’re in Sin City. Read the article...