DTP Companies, formerly Downtown Project, was founded by Tony Hsieh in January 2012 with an initial $350 million investment aimed at accelerating the revitalization of the Fremont East Entertainment District and its surrounding area in Downtown Las Vegas; through investments in Real Estate, Small Businesses, Tech, and Education, Arts, and Culture.


Our culture and our values remain embedded in all that we do.  It is our goal that every project incorporates an element of First, Unique, or Best.  These unique, ever-changing experiences that layer on different elements of surprise creates a sense of discovery leading to return visitation.


Helping create a more vibrant and walkable city


Live and work in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas


We’ve got great residential options right in the heart of the city. Live Downtown – the most fun and exciting part of the Las Vegas Valley.


Whether you’re looking to crank out some work in a comfortable spot with lightening-fast wi-fi, have an impromptu meeting or team gathering, or just want to get out of the office for a working lunch or happy hour, we’ve got you covered.


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+ Jobs Generated


Million Economic Output






  • Look up most anywhere in the Fremont East district and you’ll see the banners. “Serendipity accelerates learning and innovation,” reads one. “Don’t lose the sense that ‘anything is possible,’” declares another. Each one features the same, all-caps headline—“THANK YOU TONY”—and an image of late Zappos CEO and Downtown Project founder Tony Hsieh....

  • The Goodwich Downtown has been working hard on an everyday basis to bring you fresh, healthy food through the best ingredients, often found locally. They believe in quality for value, so they made their sandwiches and everything else with creativity and attention to detail. Its objective is that with every bite, you experience and comprehend the care put into your meal.   Read The Full Article...

  • With a stylish interior design and a menu full of satisfyingly indulgent dishes, The Smashed Pig offers a menu full of tempting choices. This compact eatery in the East Fremont area in Downtown Las Vegas often gets labeled as a “hole in the wall,” but in the best possible way.   Read The Full Article...

  • We are practically locals in Las Vegas by now! LOVE this city! So much to do here! And it is super family-friendly! Today, we took the kids to Container Park, which has one of the coolest and biggest playgrounds ever. Read The Full Story  ...