About Us

DTP was founded in January 2012 with the idea that if you accelerate co-learning, collisions, and connectedness in the city’s urban core, productivity, innovation, growth, and happiness will fall into place.


We’ve allocated $350 million toward revitalization, with $200 million in real estate and development, $50 million in small businesses, $50 million in technology and startups through VegasTechFund, and $50 million in arts and culture, education, and healthcare.


A large portion of our investment was allocated toward real estate and development in the Fremont East/East Village districts of downtown Las Vegas. We own approximately 45 acres, and we’re activating our holdings in an organic way, rather than through a top-down master plan. We’ve purposely activated buildings that are not directly next to one another in order to encourage people to walk a little farther into the neighborhood, which increases opportunities for collisions.


We’re also actively working toward exciting partnership projects, like the Fremont9 residential building, and our commercial real estate holdings include opportunities for redevelopment of existing properties or new construction on lots ranging from 0.16 to 2.74 acres. Looking to move or develop downtown? Check out opportunities here.



DTP is inspired by Edward Glaeser’s book Triumph of the City and the idea that knowledge is more powerful than space. When cities double in size, productivity and innovation per resident increases as the exchange of ideas improves, although this isn’t true for companies.


We believe the best way to accelerate learning and innovation is to maximize serendipitous interactions, density in the office, density in the city, and to prioritize collisions over convenience.