10 of Downtown Las Vegas’ Most Instagram-able Spots

10 of Downtown Las Vegas’ Most Instagram-able Spots

With its plethora of street art and art installations, indie-eclectic food concepts and various decades of architectural integrity, downtown Las Vegas has quickly become one of the most instagram-able locales in the country. Visuals are everything in the social media world, and #DTLV businesses and projects have leveraged that mantra mixing bright colors, art and a dash of Vegas to lure the ever frenzied tourist looking for the perfect shot through their doors.

1. Corduroy’s Light Room
Downtown Las Vegas’ old school watering hole is home to the famous Corduroy light room. In just under a year, this gif friendly booth has seen over 10,000 photo ready guests, from provocative social media stars to engagement photos the resulting gram shots ooze an ‘in-the-know’ cool to your followers. Insta-tip: Get there before 8:00 pm when the line starts to form (yes it has it’s own line), then enjoy some of their famous Moscow Mules with home made ginger beer. Runner-up shots: The jukebox, the mushroom mural wall. 

2. The Backyard at Gold Spike
Where big kids go to play, Gold Spike’s jumbo sized games include chess, jenga, twister, corn hole, beer pong and four square act as the quintessential prop for a shot that says “I’m fun, carefree and in no way take myself too seriously!” Insta-tip: Every third Wednesday, the Backyard hosts down-n-derby roller skating perfect for the ultimate retro photo. Runner-up shots: Fiddlestix Rainbow Grilled Cheese, Life Is Beautiful sign. 

3. The Alley at La Comida
Known for its elevated Mexican food flare and fresh hand-crafted margs, La Comida spread their modern authentic vibe into the small alleyway attached to their building. You’ll find wood fencing, colorful potted plants, string lights and a shrine to the Virgin Mary because, ya know, why not? Insta-tip: Go for dinner! Get a shot in both the daylight and at night for two totally different moods. Runner-up shots: The Margaritas, the bar swing.

4. Vesta Coffee’s Mural
Vesta Coffee roasters is a downtown favorite coffee brand you’ll find in almost any local favorite restaurant in town. Their white, wood, modern industrial aesthetic is the thing that hip coffee shop frequenters dream about. On the right side of the building, a cool colored floral mural takes up the entire wall, acting as a breath of fresh dewey air in the middle of the art district’s distinctively urban environment. Insta-tip: Try one of their specials, especially the rose iced tea. Runner-up shots: Avo toast, the window seating.

5. The Mantis at Container Park
The Mantis at Container Park, formally known as Queen Mantis, is a 44-foot tall, fire shooting art installation that welcomes visitors to the East Fremont corridor. The piece was originally built by Kirk Jellum for his wife and toured around Burning Man before moving to Las Vegas in 2014 where she now calls Container Park home. Insta-tip: Arrive at sunset any day of the week to join the drum circle that “wakes up” the Mantis. Runner-up shots: Cocktails from Oak & Ivy, the second floor orange container hallway. 

6. 11th Street Records
Who doesn’t like to appear cultured and musically literate? Not grammers. 11th Street Records on 11th and Fremont has the record drenched walls and rugged appearance you’d expect from a legitimately stacked record store. It even houses a full-fledged recording studio in the back for all your musician aesthetic needs. Insta-tip: Don’t just come for the photo, take a look through hundreds of vinyls and find something you didn’t know you needed.

7. Park on Fremont’s See Saw
Park on Fremont has transformed their corner of East Fremont from urban sprawl to an eclectic and quirky tea garden oasis fit for the maddest of hatters. With tons of little nuances to discover both inside and out you’re bound to miss some things. To find our favorite insta-spot, head to the left of the fireplace in the courtyard and you’ll find a hidden alcove complete with extra seating, more garden and vintage iron see saw! Insta-tip: Bring a friend, it takes two to see saw. Runner-up shots: The ‘F*cking Beautiful’ sign, the horse painting.

8. The Cat’s Meow at the Market
Everybody wants to be a cat, or at least be photographed with one. One of the newest art pieces downtown via the Life Is Beautiful festival, this massive wildly colorful mural by artist Bicicleta Sem Frio embodies the fun, vibrant and funky vibe of the East Fremont corridor. Insta-tip: Work your angles, try a wide shot from street level, you’ll be able to catch the entire piece.Runner-ups: The Felipe Pantone, the D*Face on 7th.

9. The Pink Cadillac on Main in the Arts District
To be completely honest, we aren’t sure who owns this millennial pink vintage vehicle or where it came from, but its location in an empty dirt lot with views of palm trees and blue skies is quintessential ‘desert vibes’ making this the most opportunistic photo spot on the list. Insta-tip: Go sooner rather than later, it could be gone tomorrow!

10. Donut Bar
Impress your #FoodieFam with Donut Bar’s wide array of artistically crafted treats from the Crème Brûlée to the Homer Simpson every donut tastes as good as it looks. Insta-tip: On weekends special menu items include their grilled cheese donut, get there early before they sell out! 

List runners-up: The Big Rig Jig at Ferguson’s, the valet at the Plaza, the Real World Suite at Gold Spike.