5 Perfect Date Nights In Downtown Las Vegas

5 Perfect Date Nights In Downtown Las Vegas

Dating is actually kind of hard. 

First, you have to find someone you might actually like … which is almost as complex as deciding on the date activities. So, if you made it this far, good for you! 

Below, we’ve put together some not-so-basic date ideas for anyone to enjoy and discover that bonding can be done over more than dinner and a movie! Take some time to embrace your space and learn more about the people you’re with. Above all, have fun and explore.

Sidenote: Take your friends and family on dates, too! 

The Brunching Besties 

Drinks and eats at Downtown Terrace 

Everyone loves a good patio moment. Pair that with bottomless mimosas and Downtown Terrace becomes the perfect place to wine down and enjoy an early morning brunch or late afternoon day date. The food is perfect (we recommend the steak and egg benedict with an order of monkey bread for dessert) and you can sit outside and bask in the beautiful view of Container Park and Downtown Las Vegas. 

Matching tattoos at Black Spade  

You only live once right? Why not get matching tattoos with your bestie! Keep it cute though, get something you’ll both adore and cherish. One of the coolest features of Black Spade Tattoo is that it’s located INSIDE a real train caboose (perfect for post-ink selfies). The staff are super friendly and extremely talented. Even if only one of you ends up getting tattooed, it’ll make for one really good story.  

Feels Like The First Time

Oh, sweet Wafflelato

Maybe your first date doesn’t call for the longevity of a full meal. Let’s bring back the simplicity of ice cream dates but make it gelato. Before you ask, yes, there are vegan options! Fans love Birthday Cake, which is said to give that reminiscent feeling and it’s important to tap into that if you want to make your 100th date feel like the first again. The gelato wrapped in a crunchy, warm waffle is sure to please your sweet tooth while also providing a walk around Container Park worth making into an intimate experience. 

Make memories at 11th Street Records 

Let’s reminisce. Do you remember your first dance song? The song they said would always remind them of you? Maybe even the song that made you dislike them even more when you got into your first argument? Try to find it at 11th Street Records or create new musical memories. Make sure you also snap a few pics because the layout is beautiful and would make any music lover daze at the extensive collection. Whether you’re a vinyl collector or not, this shop is sure to make you stop, smell the roses and engage in one of a kind conversations.

It’s Actually Our First Date 

Stuff your face at The Smashed Pig 

If you pride yourself on “eating cute” on your first date… then this might not be the place for you. But, if you enjoy good comfort food over conversation you’ll never forget then the Smashed Pig is definitely the perfect food stop. We recommend starting your meal out with an appetizer – the Yum Yum Shrimp which is topped with a spicy firecracker sauce and crispy rice noodles. If you can eat in front of one another, no judgment, the date is already starting off on the right foot. You might want to visit again for the second… 

Let loose at Gold Spike  

Okay, so now we’re full and need to work off the extra calories. Of course we have a solution: Gold Spike, every “big kid’s” favorite adult playground. First date goals should always include getting comfortable and having fun! Aside from the giant foosball arcade, you can also enjoy the bar and dance floor. Gold Spike very much gives that “I just finished my work week,” or “I just took my last final of the semester,” feeling. What better way to add a little razzle dazzle to a first date than that?

Family Dates Are Cool Too

An enticing rush of fun at Las Vegas Magic Shop

Families need to be entertained. It keeps them from bickering and saves the younger ones from total boredom. The Las Vegas Magic Shop offers tips, tricks and tools that you can use to create magic from the comfort of your own home. Here’s a bonus: the owner might even put on a show for you during your visit.

Sugar Shop. But don’t worry, there’s a playground…

Yes. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A shop full of candy and your entire family will love it. From classic favorites to sweet and sour treats, Sugar Shop has a taste of nostalgia for everyone. After, we advise sitting for a chat as everyone enjoys (or saves) their favorite treat and sending the kids off to the playground to wear off some of that energy. 

More to learn at the Discovery Children’s Museum

Exciting for kids of all ages, this three story museum aims to educate through hands on, interactive active learning. You can even find events and opportunities catered to the time of year. After some play and learning, this is sure to be a quiet ride home.

Wear Comfortable Shoes For a Walk Date

Bocho Downtown Sushi, anyone? 

A great way to kick off a good walk around the block is with food. Nothing too heavy, though, so sushi is the perfect compromise. We like the Ragin Cajun and Las Vegas Rolls the most with a side of miso soup and calamari. 

Take your time at Downtown Alley

This T shaped alleyway positioned behind bars and restaurants on Fremont East has become an art hub of intrigue. Here, you can find murals worth taking a moment to admire instead of cruising right by. Speaking of cruising, make sure you also rent a bike for your exploration needs. You’ll want it for our next stop …

Final sips at Corduroy

A long walk or bike ride calls for drinks after to celebrate that you got your exercise for the day … or month. Whatever works for you! Corduroy is the spot for you. Of course you should first rehydrate with some water and then get right into the goods with our favorite, the Kentucky Wildcat. If you’d like to try a walk that better fits your interests, check out playcation.vegas for an array of different DTLV experiences.