Bite this Now: Get Your Brunch On At The Perch

Bite this Now: Get Your Brunch On At The Perch

By Andrea Harward

Brunch, the quintessential combination of breakfast and lunch, capable of curing everything from heartbreak to hangovers has finally arrived to The Perch at Downtown Container Park. When traditional eggs and bacon just won’t cut it, nothing makes a weekend complete like gourmet brunching with your nearest, dearest, and possibly still-inebriated friends.3With the unveiling of a private stairway entrance from 7th and Carson, making your way to The Perch is more convenient than ever. As one of the most exciting arrivals to the downtown brunch scene, this is one busy spot – reservations are recommended for maximum convenience. Swing by the bar for $15 all-you-can-drink mimosas, bloody Marys, and Bellinis. Oh, how time flies when you’re getting tipsy.

As my favorite starter dish, the Monkey Bread ($6) kicks off the meal off with a sugary, buttery, caramel-covered bang. It’s official: Monkey Bread should be on every menu. Layered with sturdy strips of steak, avocado mousse, cilantro, and crumbled Queso Fresco, the Steak and Egg Tacos ($12) are a sophisticated version of the common breakfast burrito.

The Smothered Egg Biscuits ($12) were a colossal success at our table. The addition of minced bacon, scrambled eggs, and a healthy helping of cheddar cheese takes these biscuits to the next level. My mom’s homemade biscuits and gravy may have finally met their match.

Let’s talk toast…French toast, of course. Few things in the world give me as much delight as warm, cinnamon-sugary slices of French toast, blanketed in fresh fruit, drenched in maple syrup and dusted ever-so-lightly with powdered sugar. The Brioche French Toast ($12) at The Perch is no exception. Served with your choice of caramelized bananas or mixed berry compote, the cappuccino cream filing resting between the thick slices of brioche is not-too-sweet and nothing short of incredible. I love the crispy breaded edges, the magically cooked centers, and the tartness of the berries against the maple syrup. I will definitely be ordering this again.

As I sat at our corner table gazing out across the bustling restaurant, at moms and daughters, at old friends and new acquaintances, sharing meals and stories with smiles on their faces, I thought about how lucky we are; lucky to live in a world with weekends and brunches and mimosas and, most importantly, friends to share them with.

And Monkey Bread…I’m mostly grateful for Monkey Bread.

The Perch
Downtown Container Park
707 Fremont Street