$350M Investment

DTP allocated $350 million toward revitalization, with $200 million in real estate and development, $50 million in small businesses, $50 million in tech startups through VegasTechFund, and $50 million in arts and culture, education, and healthcare.


The $200 million to real estate and development includes approximately 45 acres of land in and around the Fremont East and East Village Districts, and approximately 11 businesses that we wholly own and operate.


So far we’ve invested in approximately 50 small businesses ranging from restaurants, bars, and a microbrewery to retail, including a bookstore, a record store/recording studio, and a toy store. DTP has also invested in services, from a membership-based dog park and doggie day care to an app-based laundry and dry cleaning business.


DTP’s tech investment arm, VegasTechFund, invested in more than 100 tech businesses, with about half of those businesses located in downtown, and half in other markets. Additionally, about 40 percent of the investments were made in businesses helmed by women.


Additional investments by DTP include Life is Beautiful, a three-day festival of music, arts, educational and inspirational speakers, and culinary arts, an early childhood education center with a mission to transform education by redefining the experience of school and focusing on a curriculum inspired by innovation and entrepreneurialism.