Core Values

In order to best serve our mission and purpose, we defined our ideal culture. From that work, Downtown Project’s four core values emerged: 

Embrace Adventureembrace_adventure

  • We are courageous.
    • We come at things with entrepreneurial energy and spirit; we are happy to take risks and be bold.
  • We choose to be positive.
    • The difference between an opportunity and a challenge is attitude; we choose to be positive, to have a positive outlook or otherwise exude positive energy.  
  • We are resourceful.
    • You have to have a little MacGyver in you to work with Downtown Project, as you never know what could be thrown at you.
  • We are empowered.
    • You need to self-lead and not wait for people to tell you what to do; we operate in a self-managed environment (our unofficial mantra is “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than seek acceptance”).

Make Epic Happenmakeepichappen

  • We are innovative.
    • We value first, unique and best in our community; we bring imagination and creativity into whatever we do.
  • We create amazing experiences.
    • We want to “wow!” people and generate positive word of mouth.  We do this by creating amazing experiences for our guests, visitors and neighbors.
  • We execute well.
    • When we do something, we do it well; we hold ourselves (and others) accountable and we prioritize our time and energy accordingly.
  • We make a difference.
    • We are super passionate about making a dent in the universe, beginning with Downtown Las Vegas; we believe in positive, lasting change.

Do What’s Rightdowhatsright

  • We are authentic.
    • We are genuine and keep it real; we are transparent and true to ourselves and others.
  • We are humble.
    • We keep our ego in check and are open to feedback, because we know we can always learn from people.
  • We are respectful to others.
    • We are empathetic, we care about our community and we always look for the positive intentions of others first.
  • We act with integrity.
    • You can trust us; we are good, honest people who work our butts off to keep our promises.

Come Togethercometogether

  • We communicate effectively.
    • We actually talk to people–in a timely manner, even; we give constructive feedback and embrace positive conflict.
  • We create a family spirit
    • We build meaningful, personal connections and we look out for each other.
  • We collaborate.
    • We work as a team and mentor each other; we connect with our community and seek contributions from others.
  • We recognize others.
    • We acknowledge each other; we appreciate and are grateful to others for their contributions.