Downtown Denizen: James Woodbridge

Downtown Denizen: James Woodbridge

James Woodbridge
Cofounder, Neon Reverb

What is something about you that most people don’t know?
I was in an a cappella group in college. We sang mostly Motown songs. Good times.

What was your favorite subject in school?
Unsurprisingly (considering my job as a philosophy professor at UNLV), it was philosophy.

If you had to choose one place to vacation for the rest of your life, where would you choose?
I’m going to go with New Zealand. I’ve been there twice; it’s spectacular.

Which of your accomplishments has made you most proud?
Right now I’d have to say it’s that, starting from just a DIY, grassroots effort, a small group of music-loving friends and I managed to make something as exciting as theNeon Reverb Music Festival happen in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s coming back this weekend (March 10-13).

What are some of the different jobs that you have had in your life?
I’ve worked in a salmon fishery in Alaska. I worked (illegally, shhh) as a waiter in Sydney, Australia. I had a job in an independent bookstore in Ann Arbor, Mich. I worked as a lab tech at the Harvard School of Public Health. I’ve taught philosophy at seven different universities in five different cities.

If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try?
If I could magically have all the skills required, I’d like to be an astronaut for a day.

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?
Linda Carter as Wonder Woman.

Which song would you choose for karaoke?
Do you mean which song DO I choose for karaoke? My go-to is Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen), but lately I’ve been having fun with Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie).

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
According to my mother, at the age of five, I wanted to be a college professor when I grew up (our neighbor was one). So I guess dreams do come true.

What was the last concert you attended?
Metric at Brooklyn Bowl. Absolutely great.

In one sentence, what does the future of Downtown Las Vegas look like to you?
Now that things have settled down some (after perhaps a period of growing pains), I see a continuation of growth and development, including an expansion of the art and cultural scene.

What is your favorite downtown venue?
My favorite downtown *venue* is The Bunkhouse Saloon. But I’m also a big fan ofAtomic Liquors, as downtown bars go.

What is one thing on your bucket list that you have already done or have plans to do?
I would like to hike up to the Machu Picchu site in Peru.