Las Vegas’ Downtown Project introduces new brand DTP Companies & reinforces the company’s next phase

LAS VEGAS (OCT 10, 2018)— Las Vegas-based Downtown Project, a $350 million investment initiative dedicated to the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas, today announced it will rebrand to DTP Companies. This transition will align the company’s name with how its business operates today, give greater clarity into the depth and breadth of its businesses, while acknowledging its past through the “DTP” acronym.

Since 2012, Downtown Project (DTP) has been recognized as a pioneer in revitalizing Downtown Las Vegas through the development, renovation, and operations of a portfolio of properties renown to locals and tourists alike. With a now comprehensive portfolio of completed and fully transformative real estate holdings, residential properties, hospitality destinations, small business investments and more expansion in the pipeline, Downtown Project has extended beyond the origins of something formally conceptualized as a “project”, leading to the new name DTP Companies.

“Looking back, we couldn’t be more proud of how far we have come in building the foundation of Downtown Project. Looking forward, as we continue to build on what has been created, we feel DTP has outgrown something formerly conceptualized as a “project.” DTP Companies will move us “beyond the project.” We will continue to dedicate ourselves to the same services on which we have built our reputation in the industry and we look forward to the advancement of DTLV by embracing creativity, discovery, and developing WOW experiences for people who live and visit,” said Michael Downs, Executive Vice President of DTP Companies.

Please visit to explore the new website and learn more about the suite of services offered through DTP Companies’ extensive portfolio of investments and holdings.


Formerly conceptualized as “Downtown Project” in 2012, DTP Companies is the expanded product “beyond the project” of an all-encompassing $350 million revitalization effort focused on Downtown Las Vegas (DTLV). Its continued dedication efforts assist in both a concentrated 45-acre area of DTLV through wholly-owned businesses, and additionally through its investment in small businesses; tech startups; real estate and development; and arts, culture, and education throughout the greater Downtown Las Vegas area.

DTP Companies consists of a comprehensive portfolio of completed and fully transformative hospitality projects as well as real estate and small business investments that created the foundation of Downtown Project in its in first phase, as well as what is to come to continue to make DTLV a nation-wide contender to live, work and play. DTP Companies attributes its city-wide renovation successes to a first-of-its-kind concept deliberately created to make sure each new venture embraces creativity, discovery, and incorporates WOW experiences for people who live and visit DTLV. Now in its sixth year, DTP Companies serves as either an owner or investor to more than 300 businesses and legal entities by providing funding and support. Its efforts have created an estimated $209.2 million in recurring economic output by employing more than 1,570 people since 2012. DTP Companies represents the connectedness of downtown Las Vegas beyond streets and city blocks and strives to incorporate a one-of-a-kind diversity of people & businesses in its portfolio.

Inspired and funded by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, DTP Companies also drives upward mobility and entrepreneurial energy through the pursuit of social collisions, co-learning, and connectedness in a long-term, sustainable way. Its wholly-owned companies encompass the hospitality lodgings Gold Spike and Oasis at Gold Spike, the retail center Downtown Container Park, and the community-building property Inspire Theater, which seek to facilitate creativity and social collisions. DTP Companies owns and operates over 700 residential units in the DTLV footprint, as well as Fremont9, a 231-residential unit and 15,000-square-foot retail mid-rise development. Its investments include over 100 tech companies and approximately 50 small businesses which include a number of restaurants, services, and lifestyle shops. DTP Companies-affiliated ventures include 9th Bridge School, a downtown private school, and Life Is Beautiful, a three-day food, art, learning, and music festival with permanent impacts, are fundamentally changing the community into a more social, supportive, and innovative neighborhood.