Awards & Accolades

Bragging isn’t our style; in fact,”humility and quiet confidence” is a biggie when it comes to DTP culture. But then again, so is believing in results, “doing the right thing,” sharing credit and positivity–and what better way to illustrate all of the above than by kvelling over the awards and accolades our projects and partners have earned?

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Desert Companion, “2016 Best of the City”
Best New Bookstore: The Writer’s Block
Best Dry Cleaners: Mint Locker
Best Toy Store: Kappa Toys
Best New Again Live Music Venue: The Bunkhouse
Best Downtown Attraction: Downtown Container Park
Best Beauty Products: Cala: Bath, Body, Home (Downtown Container Park)
Best Breakfast, Readers Poll: Eat
Best Park, Readers Poll: The Hydrant Club
Reader’s Choice – Best Cocktail Lounge: Oak & Ivy
Best Music Hub: 11th Street Records 
Reader’s Choice – Best Local Brewery: Banger Brewing
Most Indestructible Venue: Bunkhouse Saloon
Reader’s Choice – Best Taco Shop – Pinches
Best Local Scene Comeback: Neon Reverb
Best Rooftop Bars In Las Vegas: Inspire
10 of the best spots in Las Vegas for Brunch: Glutton



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City of Las Vegas, Mayor’s Urban Design Awards
Building and Environment: Inspire (Bunnyfish Studio)
Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse: John E. Carson Building (Bunnyfish Studio)

DailyMail UK, “Hottest New Party in the Desert”Life Is Beautiful

Desert Companion, “2015 Best of the City”
Best Green Shopping Experience: Downtown Container Park
Best Intelligentsia Hangout: The Writer’s Block
Best Cocktail Theater: 365 Tokyo
Best Chocolate: Jinju Chocolates
Best Candy Shop: Sweet Spot
Best Bar Snack: Spicy Pecans at Perch

Desert Companion, “2015 Newcomer’s Guide”
Who to Know, Foodies: Chef Natalie Young
Who to Know, Entrepreneurs: Tony Hsieh
Culture Lovers Tip: “Bookmark the Writer’s Block”

Entrepreneur Magazine, “2015 Business Travel Awards”
Best Meeting Destination: Downtown Vegas

Festival Snobs, “12 Music Festivals To Look Forward To This Fall”Life is Beautiful

Forbes Magazine,”Most Promising Companies 2015″
Surf Air (#27), Combatant Gentleman (#91)

Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Best of Las Vegas 2015”
Best Candy Shop: JinJu Chocolates
Best Doughnuts: O Face Doughnuts
Best New Restaurant: Carson Kitchen
Best Local/Alternative Music Venue: The Bunkhouse Saloon
Best Margaritas: Nacho Daddy

Las Vegas Weekly, “15 to Watch in 2015”
Ronald Corso, Champion of Sound (11th Street Records)
Meridith Spriggs, Hero for the Homeless (Caridad)

Las Vegas Weekly, “Best of Vegas 2015”
Best Place to Party Like You’re Still 21: Gold Spike
Best New Cocktails Downtown: Oak & Ivy
Best Reason to Stay Inside: 11th Street Records
Best Literary Hangout: The Writer’s Block

Taste The Style, “The West Coast Festival to Book Next Year”: Life is Beautiful
Related feature: Life is Beautiful, “The Thrillist Awards: Best of Vegas 2015”  
Best New BBQ Spot: Big Ern’s, Fiesta Rancho

Travel + Leisure, “Best Places to Travel in 2015”
Las Vegas: “If you’re looking for a good time in Las Vegas these days, all signs point to north of the Strip. Tony Hsieh, the CEO of online shoe retailer Zappos, is leading the charge, investing $350 million of his own money into projects like the Downtown Container Park, which transformed shipping containers into restaurants, shops, and a children’s playground.”
Related feature: Downtown Las Vegas Has the Most Happening Food Scene Right Now, “Best Bloody Marys in Las Vegas 2015”
Glutton: “Be a glutton and don’t let anyone stop you from slurping down every drop of this Bloody Mary, even if you have to break out a knife, fork, spoon or your bare hands.”, “Best Things We Ate in 2015”
VegeNation: “In a town full of steak and seafood restaurants, VegeNation in downtown is a breath of fresh air.”
Itsy Bitsy: Ramen and Whisky: “The concept is simple and delicious… a ramen house downtown that likes to pair ramen with whiskey–a fantastic combo if ever there was one.”

Vegas Family Guide, “2015 Vegas Family Favorites”
Favorite Free Attraction: Downtown Container Park

Vegas Seven, “Best of the City 2015”
Best of Both Worlds: Glutton and VegeNation
Best Restaurant Row: Carson Avenue
Best Hope for Downtown Project’s Future: Mark Rowland
Best Place to Build Your Startup: The Mill Accelerator
Best Way to Get That Vintage Sound: 11th Street Records/Studio
Best Little Park That Could: The Waiting Game (Sixth Street and Carson Avenue)
Best Place to Educate Your Kids (While You Get Your Drink On): The Writer’s Block, Atomic Liquors

Vegas Seven, “Intriguing People 2015”
The Downtown Success Story: Natalie Young (Eat, Chow)

Vegas Seven, “Restaurant Awards 2015”
Best Breakfast Sammy: Glutton’s Proper Breakfast Sandwich
Best New Spot for Vegetarians: Donald Lemperle’s VegeNation
Best New Late-Night, Off Strip: Flippin’ Good Burgers
Best Bar Snack: Spicy Pecans with Rosemary at The Perch
Best Beer-Friendly Bite: Hamachi Kama at Bocho Sushi
Finest Pack of Mules: Oak & Ivy


[wc_accordion_section title=”2014“] Travel, “The Top Additions to the Las Vegas Experience in 2014″
Container Park (#4), Carson Kitchen (#6)

Complex, “The 20 Best Murals of 2014”
Bicicleta Sem Freio, Downtown Las Vegas

Desert Companion, “2014 Best of the City”
Most Powerful Lunch: Eat
Best Candy Shop for Kids: Sweet Spot
Best Soon (We Hope!)-to-Reopen Live Music Venue: The Bunkhouse Saloon
Best Mural: “Cycle of Civilization,” by Zio Ziegler
Best Place for Family Fun: Downtown Container Park

Desert Companion, “2014 Restaurant Awards”
Appetizer of the Year: Bacon Jam at Carson Kitchen
Neighborhood Restaurant of the Year: Carson Kitchen

Engineering News Record Southwest, “Best Projects 2014”
Best Office/Retail/Mixed-Use Project: Downtown Container Park

Las Vegas Weekly, “14 to Watch in 2014”
Zubin Damania, CEO & Founder of Turntable Health
Banger Brewing, Downtown Beer Boys

Las Vegas Weekly, “Best of Vegas 2014”
Best Place to Kill Some Time: Downtown Container Park
Best Doughnuts: Maple Bacon at O Face Doughnuts
Best Mural: Zio Ziegler For Life is Beautiful
Best Alternative Entertainment: Inspire Theater
Best Geek Experience: 365 Tokyo
Best Brewery Experience: Banger Brewing

NEWH: The Hospitality Industry Network, “2014 HOSPY Awards”
Best Theatrical Experience: Inspire (Bunnyfish Studio)

Travel + Leisure, “Best Breakfast Restaurants in Las Vegas”
Eat, “Favorite New Restaurants 2014”
Carson Kitchen

Vegas Seven, “Best of the City 2014”
Best Coffee: O Face Doughnuts
Best New Downtown Spot: Pinches Tacos
Best Vegas Newcomer: Seong Ha Lee
Best Downtown Business We Can’t Wait to Visit: Writer’s Block Book Shop
Best Unsexy Tech We All Need: Hardware
Best Co-Working SpaceWork in Progress
Best Bay Area Expatriate: Banjo
Best Outdoor Movies: Downtown Container Park
Best Playground Where You Wouldn’t Expect One: Downtown Container Park
Best Grassroots T-Shirt ShopLVCK
Best Little Design Empire: Winky Designs
Best Secret Discount Shopping: Coterie
Best Nightclub Alternative Spot: Scullery
Best Place to Hide and Seek Cocktails: 365 Tokyo
Best Antidote to Amazon: Book Machine
Best Local Musician Springboard: Life is Beautiful Festival
Best Classroom in the Shape of a Fishbowl: The Window
Best School You Didn’t Know You Needed: Las Vegas Camera Club

Vegas Seven, “Restaurant Awards 2014”
Best New Casual Restaurant: Carson Kitchen
Best New Bacon: Crispy Chicken Skins, Carson Kitchen
Best New Bar: Oak & Ivy


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Desert Companion, “2013 Best of the City”

Best Pancakes: Eat

Las Vegas Weekly, “2013 Weekly Awards”
Best Women’s Clothing: Coterie
Best Place to Take Tourists: Downtown

Vegas Seven, “Best of the City 2013”
Best Breakfast That You Dream About the Night Before: Eat
Best New Concierge Service: Downtown Rangers
Best Tech Startup: Rolltech Bowling
Best Place to Become a Domestic Goddess: Stitch Factory

Vegas Seven, “Intriguing People 2013”
Connie Yeh, 9th Bridge
Meghan Boyd Mossler, Stitch Factory
Sonny Ahuja, Bin702