Repurposed shipping containers create playground at Container Park

Repurposed shipping containers create playground at Container Park

By Robin Plaskoff

Urban Playground From Repurposed Shipping Containers at Container Park
September 6, 2014 by Robin Plaskoff wasÊthe last time you sped down a slide, wind in your hair? If it’s been awhile, do you remember the exhilaration? I am here to tell you it’s time to play. And I’m not talking about being a is in the business of fun. More specifically, they build custom play environments. So when they were asked to design and build and interactive play exhibit for an already interesting Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas, they all jumped off the swing set and got to context, Downtown Container Park is located on Freemont Street, an area in downtown Las Vegas whichÊhas been in need of revival for many years. The park is made up of repurposed shipping containers that hold small local restaurants and shops bordered by office spaces. The parkÊstages performances and offers regular activities for families and visitors play area livesÊin the very center of this urban park. And theÊtheme is an awesome blend of the rustic and the cosmopolitanÐSwiss Family Robinson tree house meets urban art.

By now you must be wondering if grownups too areÊallowed to play on these playÊinstallations. Great news—yes! The play area is designed for both adults and Date
Let’s talk about what you can play with at Container Park. First, you can climb a 40′ high shipping container standing end-to-end, from whichÊyou can look at the entire park throughÊa large window. You can take what only appears as a rickety bridge (it’s actually stable) to a ‘living tree,’ which has a concrete trunk topped with live vegetation. Oh, and while you’re there—why not go on a treasure hunt? Kids amazing to meÊis a tube slide that actually displays sensory experiences as you slide down. You may be in a startship, have a cosmic experience, or be in a fish tank. This is sight, light and sound inclusive! If that’s difficult to imagine, just check out this video:

One last tiny little thing of note—living at Container Park is a humongous praying mantis stature that blows fire from its antennae.ÊMeet me at the swings for a play date?

You can read more about all the fun Cre8play is having here.
*All images are from Cre8play or Downtown Container Park.

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