Rich has been passionate about bowling since he was 6 because his dad took him to watch bowlers and also they played together
He was drawn by the camaraderie between bowlers; even those you’re playing against, there was a real community

Prior to launching Rolltech, Rich got involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures but his passion was always bowling

He came up with the idea for Rolltech during league one night at a bowling center in Las Vegas
He knew there was a way to build a great product for bowlers to build community and improve their game, as well as provide a platform for bowling centers

Just imagine how much data is collected at bowling centers around the world… every time I bowl a computer stores my information.. These stats were previously not available to the average bowler to see their results, their improvements, how they compare to other bowlers around the world
… these are all things that ROLLTECH supports


Rich was in and around the Las Vegas tech scene in the very early days before there was a fund in place
He saw a lot of his friends get funding to turn their dreams into reality
That led to him getting funding by our tech fund in 2012 and he has attracted funding from beyond LV as well … in addition to having a number of offers to sell the company to bigger players.. So far he has raised over $3m


They have created an amazing app and platform integrated with the worlds largest bowling centre software and have over 35,000 registered accounts
They are active in over 4,000 centers and 50 countries


This year they are sponsoring the World Championship and hope to get over 100,000 accounts as it is live on ESPN prime time
He is excited about Rolltech’s growth, particularly internationally and they are just about to launch the daily contest platform which has been beta tested and is now ready for full international launch