Sip This Now: Banger Brewing’s ‘Morning Joe’

Sip This Now: Banger Brewing’s ‘Morning Joe’

By Andrea Harward

Determined to never brew a boring beer, the team at Banger Brewing loves experimenting with innovative and adventurous flavor combinations. This passion for discovery yields a menu ripe with imaginative yet approachable brews. One such creation is the justly named Morning Joe ($7; ABV: 5.4%; IBU: 25), a light-bodied ale infused with natural coffee flavors.

Dry hopped for three days with French caramel and hazelnut coffee beans, the end result is a coffee-laden German-style Kolsch overflowing with flavor but not at all overwhelming. A whiff of this beer is comparable to the aromatic rush one experiences as you first peel open a brand new bag of coffee beans. The scent is so intense that you could close your eyes and mistake it for a freshly poured cup of java. And, at just 5.4% ABV, it’s a welcome departure from the typical heavy, stout base of most coffee beers.

Powered by distinct notes of caramel and hazelnut with an undeniably creamy finish, the taste that lingers behind is reminiscent of that last delicious sip in the bottom of your latte. The result of Banger’s hard work is a nutty, malty, refreshingly drinkable beer. In fact, it’s so drinkable I might give up my morning cup of coffee and switch to an ice-cold glass of Morning Joe instead.

The crisp, light ale base coupled with a uniquely complex blend of coffee flavors makes this a wonderful summer beer that can carry you right into the fall. So bartender, pour me another cup of Morning Joe.

Banger Brewing
450 Fremont St., #135
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Morning Joe