‘The Real World’ officially returned to Las Vegas today

‘The Real World’ officially returned to Las Vegas today

Written by Christopher Lawrence

MTV finally confirmed one of downtown Las VegasÕ worst-kept secrets: ÒThe Real WorldÓ is back in town.

Production for the reality showÕs 31st season kicked off Monday at the Gold Spike.

ItÕs the third time the true story of seven strangers who find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real has come to Las Vegas. And, as opposed to the houses and warehouses the show converts in every other city “The Real World” has called home, itÕs the third time the action is taking place in a hotel.

Debuting in September 2002, the 12th season of ÒThe Real WorldÓ turned the recently opened Palms into a destination for 20-somethings. That cast — Steven, Trishelle, Frank, Brynn, Alton, Arissa and Irulan — proved so popular, they were brought back together in their Palms suite for two weeks in 2007 to tape the six-episode “Reunited: The Real World Vegas.” It remains the showÕs only full-fledged reunion.

Eight cast members moved into a custom suite at the Hard Rock Hotel for the 25th season that aired in 2011. The eighth roommate was called in after cast member Adam Royer was evicted and charged for damages to the suite. According to MTV at the time, the hotel sent him a bill for $3,105 for replacements and repairs, including a Òbiohazard deep clean.Ó

Now the action has moved to the newly renovated penthouse at the Gold Spike, which at least should ensure that viewers see a different side of Las Vegas. Because, compared to the downtime the show has taken between revisiting other cities, it seems like ÒThe Real WorldÓ just left town.

Of the locales that spawned multiple casts, ÒThe Real WorldÓ spent seasons one, 10 and 21 in New York. Seasons two and 20 were based in Los Angeles. Seasons three and 29 took place in San Francisco. And seasons 11 and 30 were housed in Chicago.

‘The Real World’ officially returned to Las Vegas today