Three C’s

The Three C’s: Collisions, Co-learning, and Connectedness



We have invested in development in a way that is meant to maximize “collisionable hours,” meaning the number of hours that someone is out and about in the neighborhood in a public or semi-public way (for example, sidewalks, parks, bars, restaurants, or cafes) that creates an opportunity for serendipitous interactions.


We prioritize collisions over convenience because we care about walkability and connectivity – just get people to walk one more block, over and over again to foster interactions that can lead to learning and innovation. When people live, work, and play closely together, they interact more frequently, which creates more opportunities for them to collide and learn from each other. 



We’ve also invested in businesses that maximize the number of hours when people in the neighborhood are learning from each other, through traditional mentorship, classes, talks, or workshops, as well as through an increased opportunity for daily collisions.


While DTP and its business investments are for-profit entities, we believe you can make a profit and still do a bit of good and encourage co-learning. We’ve invested in several businesses that are ideal for co-working and serendipitous collisions, including Gold SpikeContainer Park, and the John E. Carson building’s central courtyard, which all feature free wi-fi and spaces that are perfect for everything from sitting with a laptop and getting in a few hours of work to meetings or team building experiences.  


We also invested in an alternative workspace, Work In Progress, as well as several businesses that offer more traditional instruction, like The Writer’s Block’s Codex, a studio offering free literacy programs for Las Vegas students ages five to 18, families and teachers, as well as book clubs, author readings, and more.  



We also hope to help maximize the number and the depth of connections between people in the neighborhood. That connectedness is developed through repeated, positive interactions within the neighborhood that create a personal and emotional connection to the place itself.


It’s important to DTP to invest in spaces that foster collisions, as well as meaningful, experiential connections. We’ve done that by investing in passionate individual entrepreneurs who are true owner/operators. Unlike chain stores or big businesses, customers can go into the businesses we’ve invested in at almost anytime and actually interact with the owner, learning their story, their inspiration, and their passion.