Turntable Health


Meet Zubin Damania, MD, the Founder of Turntable Health, a direct primary care clinic in Downtown Las Vegas
Prior to relocating to Las Vegas, Zubin practiced internal medicine at the Stanford University Medical Center. Simultaneously, he began creating comedic rap videos under the name ZDoggMD, poking fun at the many problems of the U.S. healthcare industry. Have a look:


While you may not pick this up from the video, Zubin spent the first 30 years of his life conforming to everything his parents expected of him. He excelled in school. Earned a degree in biology. Went to medical school, following in his father’s footsteps to become a doctor.

And then…he decided to take an offer from Tony Hsieh, who was attracted to Zubin’s viral YouTube videos and no-holds bar critique of the American healthcare system, to change way medicine is practiced in Las Vegas, and really the entire U.S.
Zubin was funded to create and run a healthcare clinic that puts primary care front and center. Zubin’s theory — if you fix primary care, you will fix medicine.


For just $80 U.S. dollars per month, or $60 for children, Turntable Health provides a membership-based model of health care. Members pay nothing beyond their monthly fee for primary care and can access a primary care physician, in-person or 24/7 by phone as often as they need to, and also have access to a health coach, complimentary classes in such areas as nutrition and yoga, and same day appointments and guaranteed wait room times of under 15 minutes. Zubin’s premise is that if you keep people from getting sick you will cut down on skyrocketing healthcare costs.
I have lived in the UK and Australia both of which have much better primary care for the public than the US in my opinion.. But I was blown away by the quality of the service I have received from Turntable Health.. It really is an amazing model


Zubin was invited to talk about his first-of-its kind medical clinic at TEDMED, TED for the medical profession. His satirical videos under his alter-ego, ZDoggMD, have commanded over 2 million YouTube views. Zubin has been profiled by dozens of national media outlets, such as USA Today and The Atlantic. Turntable Health was named 1 of the 8 startups changing the healthcare industry, and Zubin is exploring building additional clinics to further his impact.