Author: dtp3

Blog / 08.06.2015

Chad Forster D & C Entertainment / Co-Creator / Creative Director Co-Host of Live in Las Vegas on KDWN 720 What is something about you that most people don’t know?  I once wept to Air Supply's I'm All Out Of Love after a temptress broke my heart.

Blog / 22.06.2015

Mitzury Aguilar Co-Owner, Uptown Children’s Boutique at Downtown Container Park What was your favorite subject in school? I've got to say chemistry; it was always fun to be the only one in the class to know most of the elements of the periodic table.

Blog / 16.11.2015

Ashley Milton Bartender/Assistant Manager, Le Thai What was your favorite subject in school? English because no matter how much you think you may know, there's always another grammar rule right around the corner.